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Hybrid Shop Owner, worked on 100's of Prius's, Male, from Boulder Hybids, Boulder, CO

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    1. BobcPDX
      I'm in Portland, OR. My backup key for my 2010 Prius was stolen-looking to replace it. I'm torn between getting a cheap knockoff vs. used OEM fob. Many Ebay sellers with new knockoffs say theirs *can't* be programmed by TechStream. There's a used OEM fob locally but he *doesn't* think will work for my Prius despite the same codes (HYQ14ACX 271451-5290).
      Do you have any Gen 3 fobs? I see reset services for $15.
    2. Cheryl Root
      Cheryl Root
      I was referred to you because I lost one of my key fobs, but I still have one. I'm wondering how much it will cost to get another spare and program it and will the second key fob the spare I have now have to be reprogramed to the same mode if I buy a new one? Please get back to me asap. I really need the help. I can't afford 300.00!
    3. ph1lt0r
      Hi Paul, I am rebuilding my 2002 Prius ev battery after my car started throwing p3030. We found multiple broken sensor lines, but the cells are in good shape. I've tried contacting several Toyota dealerships, and they will only sell me a whole battery, not the harness. Do you still sell gen 1 battery harnesses?
    4. peripatetic pri
      peripatetic pri
      Paul -
      Ongoing quest to figure out why I had p3000;p3006 error codes when car driving perfectly. If I did need a new hybrid battery, you had written to someone in 2013 that you potentially knew of good source of new gen 1 batteries at better price than dealer. Does this still hold true? The advantage is that they are new. Thank you!!! k
    5. geekwithoutacause
      I have a 2007 with sks. I have one working key. I also have a 2nd key that was used on another prius before. I have mini-vci/techstream up and running. I understand I can wipe and program both keys with a seed. Question is how do I get the seed?
    6. micjohn
      good day Paul,
      pls can you help me with the gen1 electrical schematics diagram or the one for only the hybrid ecu thanks.
    7. aswresm
      Hello Paul,
      Do you still have the contact info for the guy that can rebuild a a 1st generation hybrid battery in Detroit...If so please send me his contact info ,I would really appreciate that. Thank you
    8. 2004SuprGlide
      Paul I would like to purchase board and cable, do you have the secondary board this would be the board that the other end of the came plugs into? If so what would the price be for the full package. [email protected] is my email address. And thanks a lot!
    9. raybatt2222@sbcglobal.net
      [email protected]
      Thanks for help: Code POA9B. As per your post, will change ECU. Wil this fix as dealer says batt is good, only heat temp ses is bad. Remove orange safety... good to keep working? Disconnect 12V too? THANKS
    10. Jerry G.
      Jerry G.
      Hi There Paul,

      I was told you might be able to help with a Gen 1 FOB. The car never came with one, and I was trying to program a new one I purchased, but I can't get the car to go into program mode. Any thoughts?
      Thanks in advance : )
    11. angryatthesun
      Paul. I don't have your number
    12. lopezjm2001
      Hi Paul,

      The problem with my slave boards turned out to be no solder applied to the two input pins of the optorelays. There was nothing wrong with the optorelays themselves. I will not be posting this as it would be too embarrassing for Dimitri.


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