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Bill Merchant
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Apr 12, 2018 at 5:17 PM
May 3, 2005
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October 24
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USA | Oregon | Portland area | 97004 |

Bill Merchant

absit invidia, from USA | Oregon | Portland area | 97004 |

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Apr 12, 2018
    1. Safiya Barrington
      Safiya Barrington
      Hey Bill, I have a toyota prius 2013 that I got roll on roll off from Japan. Everytime, I start up for the first time in the morning, however, it makes this loud knocking sound from under the hood and something under the passenger side spins loudly. Any idea what it could be?
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    2. Victorio Mo
      Victorio Mo
      Hi Bill,
      can you help me to understand what is <going to IGN on> , <=> press ON and release button?.
      Hold down the Odo/Trip button while going to IGN ON (foot off brake, not in Ready Mode!).
    3. mnky357us
      Hay Bill, Bob is the name here. I have a question for you. Just bought a 2011 and traded our 2008 in on it at the time I thought I had lost my key fob for the 2008 and I just found it 2 days
      ago in my recliner which I swear I checked at least 20 times. I have one that is like new as I kept it in a small vinyl case since we bought the car. Question is should I sell it or give it to my
      brother, who does not need it.
      Thanks for any input.
      [email protected]
      Cornelius, Oregon.
    4. phirum2005
      hello sir, I am owner of Prius 07 silver with full option, Model of Canada. Can you help me please how do I change MPG to Litre per Kilometre ? and the temperature F to C?
      Thanks for your advice me by [email protected]
    5. fixitguy
      Please tell your group about the Mini Scanner Offer. Yes its the Graham Davies one. GEN1 2001-2003 You can see it here
      Prius Mini Scanner.

      thanks, DON WAGLER [fixitguy]
    6. brad_rules_man
      It's been a while since I saw you much! Hope all is well with you.
    7. NoMoShocks
      Hey Bill,
      It looks like Toyota plans to use Portland as a test market for Plug In Prius, where "residents" will drive around collecting data for them. What better BETA testers could they get than the Portland HSD Meetup Group? Your the marketing guy. How can we get their attention and get to be BETA testers.
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    8. djasonw
      Hi Bill!!
      Haven't seen you post in ages!!! I always enjoy reading your posts. What prompted me to write was I was reviewing old PM's and I saw an exchange we had a number of years ago. Anyway... hope all is well and it's good to see that you're still active here.

    9. Matt Herring
      Matt Herring

      Thanks for the welcome...looking forward to picking the brains of Prius owners on here (incouding yours...like reading your posts)! I've been over at ecomodder.com for the past year working on my driving skills and just got the Prius about a month ago (56.5 mpg on my first tank...estimated 59 mpg on my current tank).

      I have a full upper and 3/5 lower grill block installed with foam pipe insulation and have peaked at 197 max water temp. in 93 degree weather (confirmed today using my Scanguage II and seems to be ok for a safe max temp). I am, however, wondering about inverter temp in these higher temp weather days. Do you know any way to measure this temp (with with SGII or in-car) and what's a safe temp for the inverter (I had read max 130 degrees)? Also, do you think running my grill block is a concern in 90+ degree weather (mostly 35-45 mph roads with heavy Pulse & Glide, dead band, etc.).

      My only other mods on my Prius are 44 psi front and 42 psi rear.


    10. a priori
      a priori
      I just wish I'd been the one at PCD with the foresight to parade around with an HSD tag on my forehead -- Wayne beat us all to the punch!
    11. dcmkeene
      You are brilliant! Your messages are to the point and fact filled.
    12. Bill Merchant
      Bill Merchant
      Thanks, paprius4030. Just been busy and not on nearly enough!
    13. paprius4030
      Happy Birthday! Where have u been?
    14. Parker
      Hi Bill Merchant,
      I am in Springfield, adjacent to Eugene.
    15. boulder_bum
      It's taken me awhile to come around, but I'm finally starting to realize what the big deal about Apple is. They understand UX so well!

      Now if they can only figure out how to code outside of Apple land (in the interprise and in application integration like with the buggy MobileMe) they'll be set!

      Out of curiosity, do you have an Apple TV?
    16. timm
      Hey Bill,
      Thanks for being my "Friend"! Now there are two people who love me here in "Priuschat" :high5:
    17. aminorjourney
      Hi Bill,

      Not a problem with Adam. I just can't leave anyone stranded. It doesn't matter what the car, or the situation - I try to help.
    18. F8L
      Heya Bill :) Good to have you on the friends list. Sorry I quoted you then said something rather nasty in the environmental forum but I'm sick to death of these trolls. lol
    19. patrickindallas
      Hi Bill! Happy gliding!!!
    20. Rae Vynn
      Rae Vynn
      Hey, I can now say, "I'm a friend of Bill" :)
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    October 24
    Home Page:
    USA | Oregon | Portland area | 97004 |
    2007 Prius
    Born in the continental United States but not in any state.

    All things HSD. I'm also interested in PEV evolving from PHEV.


    [email protected]

    2007 NL 5 Silver Wraith • 2005 BC 6 Silver Cloud

    Portland Area HSD Meetup Group: PortlandHSD.info :rain: 
    Become carbon neutral: Carbonfund.org or TerraPass.com > :nod: < Follow me on [IMGLINK]http://priuschat.com/forums/members/bill-merchant-albums-private-pics-picture1057-twitter-logo15.png[/IMGLINK]
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