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Jun 20, 2024 at 8:07 PM
Mar 12, 2004
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Madison, Wisconsin
Hybrid Battery Service and Repair


Hybrid Battery Hero, Male, from Madison, Wisconsin

Working to save hybrids one battery at a time. Apr 18, 2014

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Jun 20, 2024 at 8:07 PM
    1. JohnStef
      Hello Eric,
      Do you break down a gen 2 HV battery and restore individual cells then build a pack with good ones? I am wondering about doing a batch discharge cycle, 10 modules at a time, and drop the voltage to 6v then charge, discharge to 4.5v then charge last cycle discharge to 3.6 volts and then charge. After this test capacity and discard below 5 amps.
    2. DavidQ
      Hi Eric, I had a bad module in 2008 Prius, and I replace it. The car starts working again, it is good news. But when I monitor the voltage, I found module 11 has lowest voltage when parking (not charging), but has highest voltage when driving (engine also charging the batteries). Is something wrong, or need to take some steps to correct it? Thanks in advance.
      1. DavidQ
        I have photos to show the voltages when parking/driving, but do not know how to post them
        Sep 14, 2022
    3. Classic_pri
      Hello Eric, we have a 2007 Prius with 143K miles. We just got and P3017 codes, the battery cooling fan is running nonstop and we have a Red Triangle, yellow brake, VSC and check engine light. Signs point to a failing HV battery. We live near Watertown and are prepared to buy a replacement. Do you still provide the service?
    4. Gino Veltri
      Gino Veltri
      Can i purchase a battery pack for a gen 2 prius from you or someone else on priuschat? This ust seems like a trustworthy and honest community
    5. douglasjre
      Can I buy a set of 3rd gen cells already balanced charged from you?
    6. dr3wst3r
      Hey Eric,
      I know it has been a long time but how has that "newpriusbatteries.com" pack treated you? I am looking at buying a kit and wanted to see if you have had any trouble. Also you saved me a ton a of time a few years ago when i began replacing my first pack. So thanks for your active contributions to a bunch of neewbs.
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    7. Georgios
      Hi. I know you are hybrid pro thats why i contact you. I had problems with my prius. Is there any way you can give me advice and i will pay you for over the phone advice. I live in Chicago and i am unable to go to Madison as of now :/
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      2. ericbecky
        Simply contact me at 608-729-4082 during the daytime during the week and we can talk.
        Mar 5, 2018
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      3. Georgios
        Jul 11, 2018
    8. MountainLion2017
      Hi Eric, Prodigyplace recommended I contact you with my dilemma.

      need inexpensive way to diagnose (c profile picture). regular obd2s have not produced any codes. checked engine oil (someone said it maybe the cause) and it is perfectly fine. Checked the battery 12 V, also fine.

      How do I go about diagnosing this?

      Error goes away for few m minutes after 12V battery is reconnected but come back after few minutes.
      1. ericbecky
        Call me at 608-729-4082 to discuss
        Jan 17, 2017
    9. Robert Holt
      Robert Holt
      I am converting my and DWs bicycle to ebikes. Could you simply recommend a reliable, reputable source for Lion battery packs and controllers, as well as the bits and pieces I need?mthanks for your help!
    10. Robert Holt
      Robert Holt
      1. My brother in Albuquerque NM bought a 2002 Gen 1 with 120,000 miles on it 3 weeks ago. He loves car and so far no problems but he is worried about HV battery failure. To ease his fears, would you know a good Prius shop in Albuquerque, OR would your shop rebuild a Gen 1 battery if he shipped it up to you? Could,you give a ballpark as to what such a battery rebuild would,likely cost?
    11. Dhillonflygirl
      Thank you for your helpful comments to my posts and being available via telephone. I appreciate it very much!!! I'm just Hybrid Driver not a tech. Thank you for going above and beyond. :) Have a blessed day!
    12. GreenCleaner
      I tried to call you a few times and there's never an answer. Do you have limited hours or an office number I can reach with questions about my battery?
    13. ericbecky
      Working to save hybrids one battery at a time.
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    14. donalmilligan089
      Hi eric: I am happy to know you and share in your knowledge of Prius. Thank you for calling me at your expense D Milligan
    15. ericbecky
      Can vary. Sometimes it's a bit unexpected.
      I'd say post the question on the main forum and see what the group thinks.
    16. NortTexSalv04Prius
      Do you know or what are the indications(signs) of a HV traction battery about to fail?
    17. Huntceet
      Joy! I have a friend!
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    Home Page:
    Madison, Wisconsin
    Hybrid Battery Service and Repair
    2005 Prius
    I have worked on hybrids for over a decade and was the first independent mechanic in Madison to work solely on hybrid vehicles.

    Besides working on cars in my shop I provide mobile service and can even ship hybrid batteries anywhere in the country.

    I also enjoy helping to bring the hybrid car community together. Organized the annual Hybridfest and Green Drive Expo events for 7 years in Madison,WI and San Francisco Bay Area. Still run the annual InsightFest for Honda Insight owners.

    I also founded and run the local hybrid car club since 2004.


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