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Flying White Dutchman
Dec 29, 2007
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Flying White Dutchman

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    1. alexeft

      you wrote that in Holland one can find used prius HV batteries for 400 euros or so.
      Since I don't speak the language, can you please inform me of such companies?

      Thank you.
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      2. alexeft
        I would but everything prius is too expensive here :(
        Dec 3, 2013
      3. Flying White Dutchman
        Flying White Dutchman
        did you already look at salvage?
        i would like to help you but have no time.
        did you try to look on ebay? they offer batterys to sometimes.
        Dec 3, 2013
      4. alexeft
        Yep, I had a look around just to get prices. I thought you would know something specific that you could easily give me.

        If you have to look around then please, don't waste your time.
        You have already done enough. Thank you, really!
        Dec 3, 2013
    2. dargs9999
      unfortunately in dutch, but it's a PM, isnt it?

      Hallo Flying White Dutchman,

      ik ben nieuw hier, en sinds 28 april de bezitter van een Prius 2 uit mei 2006. Ben erg geïnteresseerd in de enginer.us (4kWh) oplossing. Heb jij die toevallig ook ingebouwd in jouw auto?

      Ik heb eigenlijk een paar korte vragen over de import en zo.

      Alvast bedankt en met vriendelijke groet,
    3. Flying White Dutchman
      Flying White Dutchman
      ok thx and do you have a link to the ebay person you got these from or maybe the newer brighter one's your getting?
    4. itndave
      I purchased the bulbs on Ebay, and they are number 7440 amber. For several months I have tested many bulbs trying to find the brightest. These do well but I think I have some brighter bulbs on the way.
    5. ibcs
      I called Carolyn's Luscious Garage. They provided switch and diagram for $200 dollars. The actual hack would cost about $5 dollars in material. I paid for a detailed diagram and the knowledge. I could not find a reliable source for the info otherwise. I promised to not release the hack to general public which I will honor.

    6. aminorjourney
      Are you per chance using the parallel OEM pack method? Or are you planning a lead sled or lithium lighter?

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