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Dec 14, 2009
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North Yorkshire, UK
No longer a Cabbie; now doing something else


Senior Member, Male, from North Yorkshire, UK

Five years of ownership and I'm pondering the next car. Will it be a Prius though? Jan 9, 2015

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Jan 14, 2017
    1. GrumpyCabbie
      Five years of ownership and I'm pondering the next car. Will it be a Prius though?
    2. GrumpyCabbie
      I bought my Prius in good grace but it's an unreliable lemon. Too highly strung and any savings in fuel negated by expensive repairs.
    3. GrumpyCabbie
      Ex taxi driver, now doing something COMPLETELY different. Still reliant on my Prius, which now assists me on my 60 mile daily commute.
    4. GrumpyCabbie
      Ah, slowly getting there with this new upgrade. New, slightly higher resolution profile pic uploaded too.
    5. GrumpyCabbie
      What's going on with this new website update? Agghhh
    6. Bodgerx
      North Yorkshire :)
    7. hill
      Hey GC - took me a bit to get back to you. Waited 'till I got home. Dang smart phone & driving. Bad combo. :p

      anyway - thoughts on the UK:
      I had to Google to see if the UK is still using those Black Cabs. Yep... still there. Next thought - I'd watch Rumpol of Bailey at the end of my school day back in '91. I started using the phrase, "She who must be Obeyed" when referring to my wife, and most folks over here don't know it's a famous quote. Once in a great while - someone WILL actually know where I got it from.

      I took my wife back to the UK a few years ago. We stayed at Walton Hall, and traveled the countryside a bit ... staying at different B & B's. One of the most intriguing things happened. Nearly 20 years after being in school there ... I still remembered all my short cuts down the little alleys throughout the various colleges of Cambridge. Imagine that ... and yet I can't remember what she who must be obeyed just told me to do, only 20 minutes ago.
    8. dek1234
      I am a hybrid taxi driver , i drive about 150 km per day, and i would like to convert the prius 2008 plug in hybrid, does worth the $$$??, what conversion do you suggest me?? i thought there was only one conversion possible!!:o
    9. Back on the Street
      Back on the Street
      Hi there,
      I have a medallion in San Francisco. I am looking at '08 Priuses (Prii?) this week. Is there a forum/group that speaks to cab issues?
      Looking forward to discussions about operating costs, suggestions, etc.
      Back on the Street
    10. duoprius
      Picture was taken in Germany. At a crossroads town that had remnants of The Wall, guard towers and East German vehicles.
    11. Blue Prius Texan
      Blue Prius Texan
      I like your profile picture!
    12. priuscritter
      nice pictures in your profile. I would love to visit the motherland some day!
    13. socratesthecabdriver
      hey grumpie i had computer problems i ended up buying a new lap top. the car is great i can average 4.3 when the ac isnt needed with the ac i average 5-6 liters. mo complaints about gas spendage hehe but that drivers seat is a killer. i already have 12000 km on it! i realy like the car.i gave it a name,the name of the most famus slow horse known in greece! "ästrahan" thats because it always finishes last but it wins the purse at the gas station at every fill up! the peugeot just sucked!

      you ok? !!!
    14. socratesthecabdriver
      i work of the street i dont have a base! i havent made up my mind which radio-taxi company to go with there are so many of them,a friend of mine says that if i get used to working of a radio and it ends up being slow i could end up getting lazy and not working the street corectly! so i am what the call here a road warrior ;)
      sorry for the spelling it greek! hehe
    15. socratesthecabdriver
      hey you got(26,500km) miles on it so far? you drive long shifts also ?!!! in 6 months!! a cabby is doomed to long hours anywhere on this planet! i dont know how the law is where you are but in greece a taxi owner is alowed to own the same veihicle for at least 12 years ,if the engine is biger in displacement 2.0cc and over you get to keep the car for 14 year!! so in that sence i am looking for it to last atleast 10 years !! we have toyota avesis here in greece that turned over 1 millino km!! i hope i can manage close to that,or ealse the owner isnt cosidered succsefull the wages the tarif is very low so we have to squeeze the lemon for all it's got hahaha !!!
    16. socratesthecabdriver
      let me tell you you got lucky for not getting that 407 peugeot i changed the tranny at 95000 under waranty but also the engine out of waranty cost me 5000+ with the injectors all 4 of them,then the cv goints engine mounts failed all the time foget it, the trouble i had with that car is amazing! at 172000 km i lost the engine i now have 272000km on it and the module that controls esp seatbelts abs and a hole list just whent bad on it along with the power stearing pump the a/c condensor ,,,,,i had it i am looking at atleast 2200eu to keep it running,then the fap filter for the exaust just started blowing loads of black smoke that has a crazy cost to it also because if they dont ad the oil in the canister the corct way you end up loosing many days of worck !!forget about it!! as some american italians say in new york hehehe and i know next in line whould have being the transmision so i JUMPED SHIP before i whent down with it!
    17. socratesthecabdriver
      i got to come clean though and have to tell you i am a arsenal fan! hehehe
    18. socratesthecabdriver
      glad to find another cabdriver here on the site! i just ordered me a prius to use as a taxi here in athens greece . and came across this site. i hope this car whont kill my pocket as did the 407 peugeot i had-ve the new car will be deliverde to me friday and will be on the road after monday... there are several prius cabs here in greece but when we are on the road its hard to actualy get hold of one to exchange opinions about the car ! most just say its a good car exsept for the brake recall they arent quite sure if the softwhear upgrade they had done actualy did something for the car! i hope i made a correct decision and not another consecutive bad one after the peugeot!
    19. mgpp123

      just wondering how many miles you average on your prius/taxi before considering getting a new vehicle?Just got my prius and was wondering what the lifespan of the battery might be.Thanks,Mike
    20. mad-dog-one
      Thank you for noticing my baby. She is a 1964 Early Series IIA 88" Land Rover truck. Although she was delivered in London, she was configured for export with the NADA configuration (left-side steering wheel). She is all original, has a little over 40K miles on the clock, has the hand throttle, includes Lucas Tri-pod headlights, and an original Fairey overdrive transmission (16 forward speeds and 4 in reverse). Except for a few months in England, she has enjoyed an easy life making safaris around California. I'll post some more photos soon.
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    North Yorkshire, UK
    No longer a Cabbie; now doing something else
    2010 Prius
    Sold the Prius in June 2015 and now own a Nissan Leaf.


    Sold the Prius and got a Leaf - running it on 100% renewable electricty.

    I hate air pollution and smog. I don't produce any, you shouldn't either.
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