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Feb 6, 2014
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Hybrid Guy


Senior Member, Male, from Idaho

    1. Stefanovich
      Hey, have you tested your Prolong kit on NewPriusBatteries? My pack is showing age despite being less than 4 years old.
    2. JohnStef
      Hello Jeff,
      Do you break down a gen 2 HV battery and restore individual cells then build a pack with good ones? I am wondering about doing a batch discharge cycle, 10 modules at a time, and drop the voltage to 6v then charge, discharge to 4.5v then charge last cycle discharge to 3.6 volts and then charge. After this test capacity and discard below 5 amps.
    3. fullylaced1
      Hello, I’m an interested in your charger/ discharger. Can you contact me directly?
    4. Oldmanriver
      Good morning- I am interested in the Deluxe Reconditioning Package, are you free for a Q&A over the phone today?
    5. ASRDogman
      Hello, I'm interested in your charger/discharger unit. I have a 2010 Prius, and may also be purchasing a 2007 Prius with possible hybrid battery problems. Do I have to buy two separate units, or can I purchase one unit, and purchase a separate harness for the 2007?
      Also, do you give a veterans discount? Thanks!
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      2. Raytheeagle
        Charger and Discharger are the same for the Gen3 and Gen2, so all you need are individual harnesses for each Prius and you are good to go.
        Oct 25, 2018
      3. ASRDogman
        Thanks, Also, do you give a veterans discount?
        Oct 25, 2018
    6. orlywon
      Hi Jeff. Would the Prolong Charger for a 2010 Prius work on a 2006 Prius if I get a new compatible harness? Thanks!
    7. Speedfink
      Trying to get my 200k mile 2007 Prius Touring back on the road, suffered some issues after it was left sitting while I was deployed. I'd like to buy one of your kits, but between here, your company website and amazon the prices are all different and I'm confused. I noticed the price in the storefront here on PC is lower than on your own storefront, does it still come with everything shown on HA?
      1. Speedfink
        Also was wondering if you guys offered a possibly military/veteran discount...
        Oct 18, 2017
    8. boppo
      Hi Jeff, I have a 2006 Prius that I bought in Feb 2009 with 42,500 miles now it has 51,500. I do not drive it in the winter in upstate NY. I have no errors but I notice that the battery turns to green very quickly when going down very mild downhill roads. The motor turns off when I stop at a light and I am avg 57.6 MPG. Do you think I need a reconditioning package for my Prius?
    9. orlywon
      Hi Jeff, I'm looking to buy the reconditioning package for my 2010 Prius. Before purchasing it, I wanted to ask you if the kit comes with the a "plug and play" wiring harness for the fan (I remember reading in a previous post about two months ago). Is it this one (steps #27 through #32 https://hybridautomotive.com/pages/install-p3) or a new one? Thanks!
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      2. jeff652
        Send me a note/email/PM after placing your order and I will make sure you get a PnP fan car harness. We have them in pre-production now but I can make sure one is included in your order. :-) [email protected]
        Oct 19, 2016
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      3. orlywon
        Just placed the order and sent the details by email. Thanks a lot!
        Oct 19, 2016
    10. SDunahugh
      Hi Jeff quick question, Can I start and stop the 3rd discharge cycle? doing cycle #2 right now but i wont get the 3rd finished today of course. was thinking about doing part of the discharge tomorrow when i get home then stopping and finishing Tues (or stop then finish wens. if need be)
      1. jeff652
        Yes you can break the process apart. It might take a few extra hours to return to the point you stopped at but other than that you are fine to stop when needed and restart later :-)
        Jul 10, 2016
      2. SDunahugh
        I broke down and bought a Int dis-charger I have 4 prius's to do 2 of mine 2 of my parents so figured it was worth it. got mine in the mail yesterday. I am at 5hrs into the 1st discharge cycle and
        still at 181V (reading 0.21-0.22Amp) is this normal? seems like it will take 12+
        hrs to get to 134V. and days to get to 84v and 17v, thanks in advance for your reply
        Jul 16, 2016
    11. Garvin
    12. Garvin
      Hi Jeff

      What is the fastest way to get one of your chargers. I am in Jamaica but am prepared to fly to the USA to pick it up.
    13. Thusithasam
      Dear Jeff652,
      Do you have High Voltage battery charer for Prius NiMH battery

      Please send me information and price to my mail [email protected]

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