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Denso makes its First Inverter with SIC for the RZ 450e

Discussion in 'Lexus Hybrids and EVs' started by drash, Apr 3, 2023.

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    Reducing power loss by half, Denso created their first inverter using silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductors. This inverter will be used in the RZ 450e as part of their e-Axle. This helps reduce power loss by more than 1/2.

    DENSO Develops Its First Inverter Using SiC Power Semiconductors | Newsroom | News | DENSO Global Website

    I'll assume this isn't in the bZ4X or Subaru Solterra. Pretty sure it didn't make it into the UX 300e either. I'll be shocked if it made it into any PHEV or hybrid. Of course Lexus is not the first or only one to use SiC as Tesla has been using them since the Model 3 came out in 2018 for their inverters.


    The biggest difference between the two companies is Tesla uses an outside company, ST Microelectronics, to develop their SiC modules and Tesla now has announced they are cutting by 75% their use of SiC for their new powertrains and go to a lower power hybrid SiC-silicon IBGT design. This was done primarily for cost purposes because SiC wafers are rather expensive.


    Lexus, by using Denso, which is part of the Toyota Group, is of course bringing their design totally in-house to cut costs. Will it give them an advantage? Heck no, at least not within the next couple of years. They'll strive to make it better and more importantly to bring down costs over a 5 or 10 year window, much like their solar roof on the 2023 Prius Prime.
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