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It's Here! Lexus New RZ 450e

Discussion in 'Lexus Hybrids and EVs' started by drash, Apr 20, 2022.

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    The summer tires are run flats. Depending on the exact model and size, the EU efficiency rating is B to D.
    Larger wheels was traditionally a performance upgrade, and I figure that is the thinking going on with the OEM tire choice.

    The new Niro Cd is also 0.29. I once saw that listed as the Cd of a typical sedan shape.
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    In addition to the release of the RZ 450e, Lexus also released the upgraded UX 300e in Japan. Since the RZ 450e all have the Panasonic 71.4 kWh battery, the UX 300e is countering by using the 72.8 kWh CATL battery. The UX 300e has a WLTC range of 512 km (318 miles) versus the RZ 450e WLTC range of 494 km (307 miles). In addition to this the website Mag-X (mag-x.jp) noted that all 183 Lexus dealerships will have L2 quick chargers installed by April. In a first for them, Lexus will also promote the installation of 150 kW DC chargers in commercial facilities.


    Partial translation:
    "Lexus to strengthen charging network in line with RZ launch
    Lexus released the RZ, the first BEV-only car in Japan. The tax-included price is 8,800,000 yen, and the limited 500 "first edition" is 9,400,000 yen. The first edition has a special body color, black painted aluminum wheels, and a special interior color.

    Although it shares the platform (e-TNGA) and a lithium-ion battery with a total power of 71.4kWh with the bZ4X, the front wheel motor has been strengthened from 109ps / 169Nm to 204ps / 266Nm (the rear wheel motor remains at 109ps / 169Nm). . The cruising range per charge is 494km (WLTC mode measurement value). In addition, it is equipped with a performance damper to realize a refreshing running taste typical of Lexus.

    Unlike the lease-only bZ4X, the RZ can also be purchased outright. This was determined by taking into account the purchasing characteristics of Lexus owners. Specifically, there are voices such as "I want to buy and own it myself" and "I can't smoke in the car or let my pet ride with me if I lease it."

    Along with the introduction of the RZ, Lexus will also start a dedicated service "Lexus Electrified Program" for BEV owners.
    In addition to a system that allows you to contact the concierge 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we will provide a normal charger (original product) and installation work free of charge to new BEV purchasers (equivalent to 300,000 yen including construction costs).
    Of the 183 Lexus dealers nationwide, 171 have already installed quick chargers, but all of them will have chargers in April (some will have normal chargers). Furthermore, we plan to install quick chargers at all bases.

    Separately, the company will promote the installation of quick chargers of 150 kW or more in commercial facilities, etc., and build a system that allows Lexus owners to prioritize advance reservations. By 2030, we aim to install them in 100 locations. The first is scheduled to open in Tokyo Midtown Hibiya in June this year. In the future, we will prepare a service that can effectively utilize waiting time.
    The reason why this electrified program was launched was because many people were worried about charging while moving. It will be attached free of charge for 3 years after purchase, and will be provided free of charge until March 2026 to users who own UX300e with a cumulative sales volume of about 1000 units (excluding the free provision of normal chargers).

    The UX300e has also been partially improved, increasing the battery capacity from 54.4kWh to 72.8kWh, and the cruising range has increased by 40% to 512km. In addition, 20 spot welding points have been added to the body to increase rigidity, and the tuning of the electric power steering and suspension has been optimized. In the interior, the infotainment screen has been changed to a 12.3-inch touch screen, and it also supports OTA software updates. The price including tax is 6,300,000 to 6,850,000 yen."