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Priidash now Works with WiFi..at least one version

Discussion in 'PriiDash (TM)' started by ccdisce, Feb 1, 2017.

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    Oct 10, 2010
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    I have developed a OBD2 /DLC device that is able to carry the traffic on the Prius CAN Bus at a high enough data rate that Priidash requires when running the NORMAL mode which is a period of ATMA followed by a direct request for data cycling back to ATMA and a direct request.......
    A USB to WiFI dongle had to be made also as Priidash talks to Com Ports here we have to use a USB Port, VCP driver into a suggested FTDI Chip. A further series device required is a RF Module running 802.11 b/g/n TCP/IP, SSL, or UDP.

    A simpler but more difficult but impossible, for me anyway, is to modify Priidash to drive the OBD2 device through the WiFi Port on the Laptop or Tablet. This would remove some performance issues related to latency and dealing with the various packet sizes IMHO.

    The OBD2 chips that I have tested are the STN1110, STN1170 and the STN2120

    Encryption and Password is the usual WiFi way. The 2 modules required are set up as 'plug-in and use' with a hard coded SSID/password. The modules can be reprogrammed thru the usb port on one and the other via the 1st module and headers using AT API provided by the module mfg.

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